Plastic Injection Molding

Kal Plastics, a premier company in the plastics industry, Located in Armstrong, B.C. is delighted to extend its expertise in design and engineering to facilitate your plastic injection molding requirements. We take immense pride in delivering custom injection molds that precisely align with your specifications. Our dedicated project management team is eager to collaborate with you at any stage of your product development journey, seamlessly complementing your in-house staff and expediting parts production. Trust Kal Plastics for top-notch solutions tailored to meet your needs.


Kal Plastics, a renowned company in the plastics industry, is fully equipped to offer comprehensive cost projections for custom injection molding and other tooling services. Our expertise also extends to production inventory management and related solutions.

The sooner you engage our team in your plastic injection molding process, the greater benefits we can provide. Allow us to actively participate in the design phase of your custom plastic injection molding projects, enabling us to offer innovative recommendations. Our requirements survey goes beyond the immediate intent of the custom injection mold. We meticulously study factors such as longevity, durability requirements, and production considerations. This includes projecting volumes, assessing product performance, and planning for any supplementary operations to be handled at our facility or in the future. Count on Kal Plastics to deliver excellence and efficiency throughout the entire molding journey.

Value Added Services

Kal Plastics, the Canadian pioneer in plastic injection molding, sets itself apart by offering an array of Value-Added Services, making us your ultimate manufacturing resource. Our in-line post molding operations are designed to optimize cost-effective part production, streamlining labour and minimizing additional handling at your facilities. From simple part decoration to complete fulfillment and Just-In-Time delivery of fully assembled products in their final packaging, we have a wide range of capabilities.

During the consultation phase of your plastic injection molding project, we present an array of value-added service options to cater to your specific needs:

At Kal Plastics, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional custom plastic injection molding services, accompanied by an array of value-added benefits to enhance your overall manufacturing process.

With a rich industry experience of over 47 years, Kal Plastics stands as a trusted name among plastic injection molding manufacturers. When seeking a reliable partner to get the job done right, look no further. We have the capacity and expertise to deliver top-notch products at cost-effective prices. For all your plastic injection molding needs, call us today at 778 716 5525 and experience excellence in manufacturing.