Kal Plastics has the versatility to accommodate your needs. Whether utilizing your existing tooling or leveraging our technical expertise and resources to create a custom mold, we ensure it perfectly aligns with your requirements. For added convenience, we provide the option to employ our select outside tooling associates, ensuring the best combination of capability and capacity for your tooling project.

Our team boasts technical process and creativity, enabling us to recommend tooling modifications and design changes that optimize your production capacity while minimizing costs. Trust Kal Plastics to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to elevate your manufacturing process.


Hard vs. Soft Tooling

At Kal Plastics, we specialize exclusively in hard tooling solutions. We firmly believe in the advantages of hard tooling for its durability, precision, and ability to handle significant production capacities over extended periods. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that each hard tool is meticulously designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements, providing you with top-quality plastic parts and products consistently.

With our focus solely on hard tooling, you can rest assured that your projects will benefit from the highest level of performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Trust Kal Plastics as your reliable partner for all your hard tooling needs, delivering excellence in custom injection molding and supporting your manufacturing success.